The Orinda Moraga Pool Association (OMPA) is a non-profit corporation established in 1956 and comprised of nine recreational swimming teams all located within Contra Costa County, California. 

The mission of the OMPA is to conduct a summer recreational swim league to benefit the member pools' children, of all abilities, aged 3-18.  Through weekly competitive dual meets, and an annual Championship Meet, we promote the spirit of sportsmanship, integrity, and high ethical standards for all participating athletes, coaches, and parents, and ensure fairness through rules and regulations. 

The goal of the OMPA is to use the sports experience to help the swimmers develop positive character traits and values that will help them succeed the rest of their lives.


64th Annual OMPA Championship meet will be held on July31-August 2, 2020 at the Soda Aquatic Center in Moraga, CA.

2019 OMPA Championship


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